Rockets of the World

by paperface

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released January 4, 2017



all rights reserved


paperface Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly rock music. PaperFace is
Joe Pippell
Bill Alexander
Rick Chapman.

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Track Name: Effortless
we are, giving up you know
but even love can't keep me here
even love can't keep you near
sound can, bring me back to when
a time when I was young
enough to shelter love
I find that can't accept
some things that i know i can't change
but you see it's for yourself
can't you see it's for yourself?
you can be so pretty
you make it look so effortless
but when the winds are changing
the world can be so desolate.

Because everything ain't what you are
and giving in ain't gone too far.
you wanna be, you wanna see more?
i won't let the dream die
We're nothing. If not, [we're] alive.
if only i knew you'd be gone.

tell me, who to be, again?
as if my passion is your drug
when what you need is in more love
you are
or maybe
at all.
again we can't be sure
of what was once so pure.
Once again i wake and,
feel as if you're by my side.
but i'm alone tonight.
and we're alone tonight.
these memories will haunt me,
and i know that they'll haunt you.
and maybe that's alight.
We're dreaming in...
Dreaming in bright light.
Track Name: 20 mg
|8:10:10:9:X:X| |577600| 2X
let me in your mind. its fine.
when we become entwined in mine
|355400| |133200|
but living in these ways I
feel nothing else at all

|8:10:10:9:X:X| |577600| 2X
well you know once youre gone, youre gone
and that dont change what high youre on
|355400| |133200|
but when you feel these changes
or anything at all
|355400| |133200|
living with the way it is
ain't no way all.
|355400| |455400|
ain't no way

|8:10:10:9:X:X| |577600| 2X
|355400| |133200|

|8:10:10:9:X:X| |577600| 2X
Im gonna numb my mind
this time
crushing what i find
bright lights
|355400| |133200|
but even as it kicks in
i feel its not enough
|355400| |133200|
and even if i fix it
the will to see. the will to be,
|355400| |455400|
the will to be alive
a living ain't a life

|X77500| X2 bars

solo 2

|8:10:10:9:0:0| |577600|
let me in your mind. its fine.
when we become entwined in mine
|355400| |133200|
living with the way it is
ain't no way all.
Track Name: Rockets
when you don't
believe me
don't say you got it right
say you got it right
'cause i won't give in to those eyes

so far gone
from your mind
you're in love
with your lies

Fear, drives this war you wage
who you are is intent love through what you do not say
We are all one in the Same

the dawn, is due in time
your life is not yours to call mine
This life is not yours in time
looking for something.
to the sky.
Track Name: Reprise
so far gone
from your mind
youre in love
with your lies